He Raped 20 Women and the Videos Were Posted to Pornhub

We live in the age of the instant video clip.

With the dawn of social media and the thirst for content, our cell phones have become tools to record current events. It seems every day there is footage surfacing of a crime taking place, and sometimes extremely graphic footage. Of course, these events often go viral unless they are caught and removed by moderators.

But allow me to paint a hypothetical. Let’s say, for instance, a graphic video of someone being violently tortured was posted to a popular entertainment website. The moderators of that website view the content upon upload and make the decision to approve it. Then, recognizing a financial opportunity, the company decides to monetize the video by placing ads in and around it.

To make matters worse, they charge viewers a monthly price to view the torture video “ad free.” As the clip goes viral, the company ignores the pleas of appalled visitors who flag it as a real criminal act of torture, but keep collecting visitor’s user data and generating revenue for their company from the video.

What would you say should happen to this company? Do you think they should be held accountable for enabling the crime scene to be uploaded and then profiting from the crime? And what about the victim’s family, who have to live with their son’s or daughter’s trauma being consumed as “entertainment” for profit?

I think most of us would want to hold this company and its executives accountable. So what’s the point?

Well in 2012, Taiwanese socialite Justin Lee was arrested after a 23-day manhunt, for sexually assaulting 20 different women. According to the Taiwanese High Court verdict, Lee brought home 14 women, either drunk or unconscious, from nightclubs and other places. Then he sexually assaulted them, taping the acts without their consent.

He also took home another six women and secretly filmed them having sex with him. Police found the explicit video files on his computer and cellphone and placed him on the wanted list when he refused to cooperate with the investigation.1

The crimes, of course, were found all over Pornhub. In fact, 2 years after his arrest and during his trial in 2014, it was reported that the videos of his rapes could still be viewed on the site.2 Now it’s not clear if it was Justin himself, or someone else who uploaded the videos. But the point remains, why does Pornhub seem to be the site of choice for predators to flaunt their crimes? It may be because Pornhub is unwilling to adequately police themselves.

Two years after his arrest and during his trial in 2014, it was reported that the videos of his rapes could still be viewed on the site.

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This is not surprising. Unfortunately, it’s Pornhub’s pattern. Whether it was the rape of 14-year-old Rose Kalemba, the recent trafficking of a 15-year-old girl, the Justin Lee case, or the 118 cases of child rape and trafficking confirmed by the Internet Watch Foundation, it’s clear that Pornhub has at best turned a blind eye to this mass exploitation.

For some of these videos, even after they were flagged or reported, it was days, months, or years—and tens of thousands of views—before Pornhub removed them. But let me ask, what would happen to any other legitimate business, if they did the same? You better believe that they would find themselves sitting before a congressional hearing.

We will not allow a systematic tolerance for this behavior by lawmakers and governments. Countries must shut down Pornhub for their gross offenses.

While recently government officials in the US and Canada have spoken out, much of the world has remained eerily unaware of the subject. Meanwhile, Pornhub has peddled criminal, predatory videos as entertainment to make money, and has historically given predators like Justin Lee a trusted outlet to flaunt and profit from their crimes.

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I know how some of you are feeling. Frustration. Heartbreak. Outrage. We are running out of words powerful enough to describe the horrors being broadcast by an organization that has given the proverbial finger to justice systems and human value.

This isn’t “just porn,” as some would say. This is about trafficking, rape, exploitation, and abuse. These aren’t “just actors.” These are innocent and defenseless women and children, having their most painful and traumatizing moment broadcast to the world, without their consent. All in the name of money. This is about heinous crimes against humanity being validated by a mega corporation for profit.

How long will we tolerate this stain on our society? How many more children need to suffer? If you feel the pain, like me, I applaud you. But we carry a fraction of the pain some of these women and children must live with. They deserve our loudest voice and our toughest fight.

Years ago, I took my daughter to an event at a high school football stadium. Since it was a private event, many of the bathrooms in the stadium were locked. I walked her to a bathroom in the furthest part of the stadium, where supposedly there was an unlocked bathroom. As I entered the pitch black room, I felt around the wall to flip the light switch on. The moment the light filled the room, the largest cockroach I’ve ever seen scampered across the room and escaped down the dark drain on the floor. Now I’m not a fan of bugs, but it didn’t matter. All I had to do was shine a light in the darkness, and the roach ran in fear.

Pornhub’s tactics give power to predators and create nightmares for the innocent. Pornhub should not be allowed to profit from and promote the crimes of predators, rapists, and pedophiles—it’s time to shut them down. We are calling on more governments to protect their people, take aim at Pornhub, and hold them accountable. We are shining our collective lights, lifting our voices, and demanding justice—and we won’t stop, until they do.

Sign the petition or donate to help fuel our collective fight against Pornhub and keep this movement marching forward.

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