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September 25th, 2020
BREAKING: Pornhub Strikes Again, Verifies Child Trafficker

It happened again, and unfortunately no one is surprised. For the last year, the Traffickinghub movement has built an indisputable case, revealing Pornhub’s complicity in sex trafficking, child sexual abuse material, and rape. And just as we predicted, more evidence has emerged. This time, Pornhub verified and paid 27-year-old trafficker Michael Terrell Williams, as he sold videos of himself abusing a 16-year-old girl on their site. Under the user name...

September 3rd, 2020
Pornhub on the Defense: How They’ve Responded to Traffickinghub

An abundance of concrete evidence has revealed systemic issues at Pornhub involving non-consensual porn, trafficking, child-sex abuse material and rape. Recent news reports, arrests, third-party research and stories from countless victims have all corroborated the same conclusion—that Pornhub gives a platform for abusers and predators, and profits from the abuse. As the Traffickinghub petition has gained international attention, Pornhub has had ample opportunity to issue apologies, pay reparations to victims,...

August 7th, 2020
How Pornhub Makes Trafficking Easy

It’s estimated that human trafficking earns roughly $150 Billion a year for traffickers, of which about $100 billion comes from commercial sexual exploitation. It's a massive criminal industry that enslaves somewhere between 20-40 million people worldwide. Trafficking has a wide range of forms, and many shades. It usually involves some level of coercion and abuse of vulnerability in order to exploit someone for sex. Many times victims don’t even realize...

July 23rd, 2020
Why Pornhub Is a Pedophile’s Paradise

Over the last year, an abundance of evidence has surfaced showing Pornhub’s complicity in sex crimes. One of the most shocking and disturbing of these revelations has been the amount of child sex abuse material discovered on the site. Mind you, content they are profiting from. The Internet Watch Foundation investigated and confirmed 118 cases of child sex abuse material on Pornhub, in only in 2 years.1 Half of the...

July 15th, 2020
Pornhub Hosts Spycam Videos of College Girls’ Locker Room

“I saw a video of you today on Pornhub.” Imagine getting a text like this. Then learning a private moment showing your nude body was broadcast to millions of people without your consent. Unfortunately, a growing number of people are grappling with this horrific reality—and unless something is done, it will no doubt continue. Last year, footage emerged from a secret camera placed inside a Limestone College locker room. The...

June 26th, 2020
Three Ways Innocent People Are Being Exploited on Pornhub

In 1986, the U.S. surgeon general concluded that secondhand smoke was a major health risk to nonsmokers. It’s been estimated that secondhand smoke causes the premature death of 41,000 adults and more than 400 infants each year. Tragic. The real tragedy of secondhand smoke is that it's extremely damaging those who choose NOT to smoke. You could say that it threatens and violates the innocent. When its danger was fully...

June 17th, 2020
He Raped 20 Women and the Videos Were Posted to Pornhub

We live in the age of the instant video clip. With the dawn of social media and the thirst for content, our cell phones have become tools to record current events. It seems every day there is footage surfacing of a crime taking place, and sometimes extremely graphic footage. Of course, these events often go viral unless they are caught and removed by moderators. But allow me to paint a...

March 19th, 2020
“Corona Porn”: How Pornhub is Capitalizing on COVID-19

Sign and share the petition today to shut down Pornhub! Sign the Petition As of March 19th, COVID-19 has infected over 200,000 people, of which over 10,000 have tragically died. The impact has been staggering. Businesses have begun layoffs or are closing operations, and families all over the world are hunkering down to help curb the spread. And as the world anxiously waits to see how coronavirus is going to...

March 16th, 2020
Who Is Pornhub? Exposing Porn’s Puppet Master

Sign and share the petition today to shut down Pornhub! Sign the Petition There is a shadowy name hovering over the internet today, and you've probably never even heard of them. Pornhub, although the largest and arguably most recognizable porn website, is just a subsidiary of a much larger company called MindGeek (formally Manwin). MindGeek is a Montreal-based IT company established over a decade ago by student programmers from Concordia...

March 6th, 2020
How Pornhub Goes After Your Children

Visit to join the fight to shut down Pornhub! Wait a second, Pornhub is marketing to children? What came as a huge surprise to the Twitter world this past December, was just par for the course for Pornhub, an organization that has demonstrated over the last ten years that it has no grid for human decency or ethics. Pornhub is the world's largest and most popular porn website. In...

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