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BREAKING: Pornhub Strikes Again, Verifies Child Trafficker

It happened again, and unfortunately no one is surprised. For the last year, the Traffickinghub movement has built an indisputable case, revealing Pornhub’s complicity in sex trafficking, child sexual abuse material, and rape. And just as we predicted, more evidence has emerged.

This time, Pornhub verified and paid 27-year-old trafficker Michael Terrell Williams, as he sold videos of himself abusing a 16-year-old girl on their site. Under the user name “bigtankdog,” he uploaded the video more than two years ago, where it remained until just recently.

Williams is now facing charges of producing child pornography (which, when monetized as it was, constitutes child sex trafficking) and possession of obscene material after the alleged victim, now 18 years old, went to authorities regarding the abuse video.1

Pornhub—who, according to their own statements, verified Williams, manually viewed and approved the crime scene video, allowed the upload, and profited from it—hasn’t been charged.

Williams was verified by Pornhub, through their “Modelhub” program, which gave them a 35/65 revenue share with Williams on his videos. It’s also worthy to note that Pornhub only removed the video when they were confronted by authorities.

The story belabors the point that Pornhub is a continual crime scene. They have built a platform that attracts and promotes traffickers and abusers—that is, until authorities get involved. Despite the constant abuses and devastating headlines, they continue to exploit with impunity.

The truth is, Mr. Williams took advantage of an unspoken partnership between Pornhub and sex traffickers that has been long established. He understood that Pornhub presented him an opportunity to make money, like it has for Girlsdoporn, Czech Casting, and countless other illegal producers.

For over two years, it did just that. This twisted partnership has paid Pornhub well over the years, and because no one has yet held them accountable, they continue to exploit children with virtually no risk. Users have been caught and prosecuted, yet Pornhub emerges unscathed.

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In response, as if on cue, Pornhub released the same lame defense it always has, which basically sounds something like, “we are innocent, we review all video uploads, we have technology in place, we don’t know how this happened.” “Oops, sorry” is NOT an acceptable defense for enabling and profiting from pedo-crimes and sex trafficking.

You may be asking, “how can they tell the difference between a 16-year-old and an 18-year-old?” The answer is that they can’t.

Pornhub’s claim to manually review every video before upload by an “extensive team” of human moderators continues to be exposed for the total fraud that it is.2 Recently, Glamour reported that in 2019, before the global scrutiny, Pornhub had only 12 moderators. In the extreme unlikelihood that Pornhub actually reviews every video (6.83 million videos were uploaded in 2019 alone), it’s perplexing that videos like his keep slipping by their so-called moderators.

You may be asking, “how can they tell the difference between a 16-year-old and an 18-year-old?” The answer is that they can’t. The only way they could come close is to require government issued ID for everyone participating in every video. But as Pornhub even admitted, that process is too costly and “devastates” (their word) its business.3 And what is their business? To put it simply, Pornhub profits from and fuels demand for all types of sexual crime. If Pornhub couldn’t determine on their own that the video contained child sex abuse, how many thousands of similar videos are they hosting right now?

Again, we must emphasize, possessing child sexual abuse material is a federal crime, as is distributing and profiting from it. Pornhub has become the global online retail outlet for all criminal sexual behavior, and they aren’t sorry about it.

Join the October 2nd Protest at Pornhub Offices or Online

If governments around the world are truly serious about bringing sex trafficking to an end, they can no longer ignore the “elephant in the room” criminal enterprise that is Pornhub. Criminals like Williams are a dime a dozen, but Pornhub is the real culprit. They enable, empower, and cash in on the sex-traffficking industry, then play dumb when they’re caught. Unless they are confronted and held accountable, we will continue to hear these stories of rape and exploitation.

It’s clear, Pornhub is a trafficking hub. This is a defining moment. Our leaders must decide if they are “ok” for such criminal depravity to continue on their watch. As of today, over 2.1 million people have pledged their support to have Pornhub shut down and held accountable for their crimes. Their chorus of voices demanding justice is getting louder every day, and they will not be denied.

With your help we can shut down Pornhub. Click below to sign the petition or give to the fight.

Join the Traffickinghub movement!

One of the greatest ways you can make an impact is by joining Exodus Cry’s dedicated community of Premium Partners who are giving $10/month, or more, to sustain this long fight till Pornhub is brought to justice. Will you join Exodus Cry? Start here.


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