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How Pornhub Goes After Your Children

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Wait a second, Pornhub is marketing to children?

What came as a huge surprise to the Twitter world this past December, was just par for the course for Pornhub, an organization that has demonstrated over the last ten years that it has no grid for human decency or ethics.

Pornhub is the world’s largest and most popular porn website. In 2019 alone, the site boasted over 42 billion visits and 39 billion searches. As revealed by their site, Pornhub experiences 80,000 searches on their site every minute. It would take a person 170 years just to watch the videos uploaded last year.

But what’s most concerning isn’t just the sheer amount of hardcore content they disperse, but the way they go about gaining new viewers—and by “new” I mean the young, developing and innocent. For Pornhub, if they’re old enough to navigate a device, they’re a prospective client.

Over the years, Pornhub has displayed a blatant disregard for the safety and health of children, and their tactics have often been predatory and intentional. This past December their agenda was on full display, but this time, in meme form.

Playing off the popular Baby Yoda character from Disney’s The Mandalorian, Pornhub tweeted a meme of the lovable character immersed in watching porn, with a reflection of Porhub’s logo seen in his eyes. The caption read, “as soon as my parents leave the house.”

Now, this should shock you as it did me. But for those familiar with Pornhub, the meme was yet another unashamed attempt to normalize porn use to kids and encourage them to expose themselves to their hardcore, violent, degrading content.

Some may think the meme is harmless humor. But when you consider the endless links of pornography use to child brain development and function, the danger is palpable and the meme predatory. Not to mention, viewing porn for most kids is the gateway to an even darker, deeper world of abuse and exploitation.

But let’s dig a little deeper at the phrase “When my parents leave the room.” Not only does Pornhub care less for parental rights or preference, but they reveal a clear agenda to supplant parental authority and mentor kids without consent. They demonstrate that they care nothing about the safety and wellbeing of children, only for taking every opportunity to peddle their product for profit.

Pornhub eventually deleted the tweet after receiving backlash, but not before the meme received over 200k likes and went viral on social media.

But the predation doesn’t stop there. It is extremely easy to access the site, with no warnings about the content, and unlike other sites, Pornhub doesn’t even have a click-through warning button, asking the visitor if they are at least 18 years old. Why? Age is nothing but a number to Pornhub.

The organization hunts on popular social media outlets like Tik Tok, Twitch, Snapchat, Periscope, and so many others—using models and videos as bait to lure innocent kids into their sadistic clutches. Some of these sites and apps have inadequate protections for scrolling kids or lack restrictions on predatory practices.

Then there are the categories. In 2019, “teen” was one of the top search terms on the site, along with “cartoon,” “revenge,” and many more. Make no mistake, Pornhub is setting and exploiting the sexual appetites of young kids and minors.

Many videos on Pornhub will tag popular kid’s shows like Dora The Explorer or Paw Patrol, making it easy for kids searching for their favorite cartoon characters to accidentally stumble on porn.

It gets much worse. Many videos on the site will tag popular kid’s shows like Dora The Explorer or Paw Patrol, making it easy for kids searching for their favorite cartoon characters to accidentally stumble on porn. Even more disturbing, are actual porn videos appearing to star, you guessed it, Dora herself.

Imagine, for a moment, your seven or eight-year-old thinking they are googling Dora, but accidentally discovering content their young minds could never understand or process. In a matter of seconds, they are exposed to the most violent hardcore pornography imaginable—something that has been likened by experts to an experience of sexual abuse.

I wish that were it, but as recent news revealed, Pornhub is complicit in and enabling child sex trafficking and rape. The site intentionally does not require verification of the age or consent of the millions of people used in hardcore sex acts on the site. This has resulted in videos of child rape, trafficking, and abuse being posted and viewed on their site. Each of these videos they profit from.

Screening the content is one thing, but their disregard for child health and well being seems intentional and illegal. Their comments in response to their involvement thus far have been the equivalent of an unapologetic “oops.”

To put it simply, for Pornhub, our children are just a means to an end. This powerful enterprise has unleashed a pattern of predatory tactics aimed at luring and abusing children, all in the name of profit. There is no line Pornhub won’t cross in order to exploit women or children in their thirstless quest for views and money.

If you are a parent concerned about how you can safeguard your kids from organizations like Pornub, check out one of Exodus Cry’s blogs “5 Ways to Protect Your Kids from Porn,” and be sure to listen to the embedded podcast “Preparing and Protecting Your Children Living in A Porn Culture”—an interview with accredited sexuality educator, speaker, and author Liz Walker.

Enough is enough. Pornhub is a haven and outlet for child predators and deserves no place in our society. Visit today to learn more, sign the petition to shut down Pornhub, and join the growing movement of people committed to protecting our children—and ending Pornhub’s predatory reign.

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