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Prevailing Over Pornhub: How Survivors Are Learning to Thrive

Last year, Exodus Cry helped to shine a global spotlight on the world’s largest porn site for hosting and profiting from criminal pornography. The #Traffickinghub campaign exposed the mega porn site, Pornhub, for enabling, distributing and profiting from rape, child abuse, sex trafficking, and revenge porn.

The campaign caught the attention of hundreds of media outlets and Pornhub quickly deleted 10 million videos, about 80% of their content. Major payment providers and other businesses they work with cut ties with this porn empire, and there are currently seven lawsuits filed against their parent company, MindGeek.

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Throughout this time, Exodus Cry was able to directly connect with many victims of exploitation on Pornhub, and we’ve had the privilege of providing specialized trauma therapy for some of these brave women, from some of the best professionals in the country.

This past year, several child and adult trafficking survivors described their abuse being on Pornhub for the world to watch, download, and share as “immortalizing” their trauma.

Since October of 2020, with the help of our amazing supporters, Exodus Cry has provided these survivors with over 300 hours of specialized therapy and, as you’ll see below, the results have been life-changing.

Exodus Cry’s Vice President of Impact, Helen Taylor, who has worked with trafficking survivors for over 12 years, said, “Professional, trauma-informed therapy for survivors of sexual violence and abuse is absolutely key to their healing journey. This past year, several child and adult trafficking survivors described their abuse being on Pornhub for the world to watch, download, and share as “immortalizing” their trauma.

We know that sadly many survivors are unable to afford the specialized therapy available and so we are grateful to be able to provide this for them, and support them in their recovery process. The feedback from survivors on the effectiveness of receiving trauma-informed therapy has been incredible and we look forward to supporting more survivors in the coming year.”

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Brook, a survivor of child sex trafficking who was also exploited on Pornhub, told us, This is the best therapy I’ve ever had. I feel truly understood and in control of my recovery and like I’m being treated as a whole person, not just a traumatic event.”

Through specialized therapy, these women have the opportunity to begin to understand what has taken place in their lives, as well as receive tools to work through the immense trauma and ongoing effects. Importantly, they are not defined by their experience, or by the label perpetrators give them. They’re empowered to heal and build beautiful, healthy new lives.

I feel truly understood and in control of my recovery and like I’m being treated as a whole person, not just a traumatic event.

Alice, another survivor of exploitation on Pornhub, shared, “The sessions have been life-changing for me. The therapist has been so patient and understanding. I used to struggle with anxiety, panic attacks, shame, ruminating and self-loathing. The therapist has helped me to understand why I did certain actions in the past which has helped me to forgive myself and move forward. My level of anxiety and panic attacks have reduced thanks to the relaxation methods recommended.”

We conducted a brief survey with the women we currently support through therapy and the results have been extremely encouraging. After the first three months of therapy, 100% of the clients said they would recommend this therapy to other survivors, and they reported an average of:

– 37% decrease in anxiety
– 51% decrease in depression
– 37% decrease in self-harm
– 28% decrease in substance-based coping
– 39% decrease in suicidal thoughts

We’ll finish with this encouraging message from Rita:

“The biggest way the therapy sessions have helped me is by being met with real understanding from a therapist. When I used to attempt therapy in the past all of my symptoms would almost be used against me and make me feel like I was the problem or my brain was broken or something.

This therapy has taught me that my symptoms and coping mechanisms all started for a reason. The sessions have helped me feel empowered and more compassionate towards myself when I notice symptoms coming up in my day to day life, and it’s helping me cope with them in a healthier way instead of shaming myself.

The therapy has been extremely helpful and I am so grateful for all of the help you, Exodus Cry and the therapist has provided for me.

I never thought I would have the opportunity to share my story and actually start the process of healing from everything I’ve been through. It really means a lot having a team of people truly care about making sure I get the care that is needed for me to stop living in survival mode and start thriving. Thank you so, so much for everything, it means a lot.”

We’ve set a goal to increase the number of women we’re serving and provide at least 500 hours of trauma therapy for these brave and resilient survivors. There’s nothing more beautiful than a life restored and you can make that happen in lives that need it most in 2022.

GIVE NOW and help us meet our $300k year-end goal!

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