The One Video Pornhub Doesn’t Want You to See

How much damage can a two-minute video really do?

Just ask a survivor of child rape. Or sex trafficking. Or revenge porn. Or any other form of non-consensual video content that has been monetized and made downloadable on Pornhub to its 115 million visitors per day.

For most victims of the crime scenes featured on Pornhub, they’ve been scarred with lifelong trauma. The kind that takes years and years of therapy to overcome, with little chance that life will ever be the same.

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So to answer the question, a short video can do ENORMOUS and often IRREPARABLE damage. For those who haven’t experienced it, it’s nearly unfathomable.

But what about a video whose aim is to expose the truth and bring perpetrators of exploitation to justice?

This kind of video can also have massive impact, but for great good. Since the launch of the Traffickinghub campaign against Pornhub, we’ve been working behind the scenes on a video of our own. One that exposes all the ways Pornhub is enabling and profiting off the mass sex-trafficking and rape of women and minors. One that captures the horrific secrets of the world’s largest porn site and thrusts them into the public spotlight.

Drawing upon the real stories of the rape and sex trafficking of women and children on Pornhub, this new short animated Traffickinghub video was created to give the masses the truth we all deserve to know.

This is the one video Pornhub doesn’t want uploaded to its site. This is the one video Pornhub doesn’t want you or anyone else to see—and this is the video that this #Traffickinghub movement will spread far and wide.

The video is officially released! Please share it with your friends, family, and community and help pull the back the veil to expose the truth about the world’s largest porn site so together we can SHUT. IT. DOWN.

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One of the greatest ways you can make an impact is by joining Exodus Cry’s dedicated community of Abolition Partners who are giving monthly to sustain this fight till Pornhub and other predatory porn sites are brought to justice. Will you join us? Start here. Start here.

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