The Freedom Journal
September 17th, 2020
Teen Porn Survivor: “Cuties fails miserably”

As the movie Cuties, from the French word “mignonnes,” launched on Netflix on September 8, social media exploded in reaction. I watched it Thursday, posted about it Saturday and spent the weekend in the firestorm of reactions from both sides. I speak not from a side, but as the survivor and feminist that I am. Cuties, despite its feminist billing, communicates a perpetrator’s view of young girls' sexuality. Amy is...

September 3rd, 2020
Pornhub on the Defense: How They’ve Responded to Traffickinghub

An abundance of concrete evidence has revealed systemic issues at Pornhub involving non-consensual porn, trafficking, child-sex abuse material and rape. Recent news reports, arrests, third-party research and stories from countless victims have all corroborated the same conclusion—that Pornhub gives a platform for abusers and predators, and profits from the abuse. As the Traffickinghub petition has gained international attention, Pornhub has had ample opportunity to issue apologies, pay reparations to victims,...

August 12th, 2020
Two New Survivors of Child Rape on Pornhub Come Forward

Here is the definition of irony: The size of the audience watching and/or downloading your rape on Pornhub: hundreds of thousands. The size of the audience who knows your story: zero. Your body is on display for mass consumption, but your voice is locked away. This is the reality for many victims of rape, sex trafficking, assault, and other forms of abuse posted on tube sites like Pornhub. One of...

August 7th, 2020
How Pornhub Makes Trafficking Easy

It’s estimated that human trafficking earns roughly $150 Billion a year for traffickers, of which about $100 billion comes from commercial sexual exploitation. It's a massive criminal industry that enslaves somewhere between 20-40 million people worldwide. Trafficking has a wide range of forms, and many shades. It usually involves some level of coercion and abuse of vulnerability in order to exploit someone for sex. Many times victims don’t even realize...

July 31st, 2020
The Top Works of Art Inspired by Traffickinghub

If you've been tracking with the Traffickinghub campaign then hopefully by now you're well aware that Pornhub has been hosting and profiting from real videos of rape and sex trafficking. We've exposed this through our petition, in articles, blogs, tweets, a viral video, and many other ways. But there's something about a piece of art that strikes differently. It pierces the heart in a way that, often, mere words cannot....

July 24th, 2020
BREAKING: Young Women Trafficked onto Pornhub Via Fake Modeling Ads

Nine people from the “Czech Casting” channel owned by NETLOOK, the largest producer of pornography in the Czech Republic, were charged last Friday with human trafficking, sexual coercion, and rape.1 The videos produced from this criminal scheme were uploaded onto “Czech Casting” Channel, which is part of the Czech Authentic Video Network on Pornhub—it boasts nearly 1 BILLION monetized views across their channels. Pornhub has once again been caught monetizing...

July 23rd, 2020
Why Pornhub Is a Pedophile’s Paradise

Over the last year, an abundance of evidence has surfaced showing Pornhub’s complicity in sex crimes. One of the most shocking and disturbing of these revelations has been the amount of child sex abuse material discovered on the site. Mind you, content they are profiting from. The Internet Watch Foundation investigated and confirmed 118 cases of child sex abuse material on Pornhub, in only in 2 years.1 Half of the...

July 15th, 2020
Pornhub Hosts Spycam Videos of College Girls’ Locker Room

“I saw a video of you today on Pornhub.” Imagine getting a text like this. Then learning a private moment showing your nude body was broadcast to millions of people without your consent. Unfortunately, a growing number of people are grappling with this horrific reality—and unless something is done, it will no doubt continue. Last year, footage emerged from a secret camera placed inside a Limestone College locker room. The...

July 10th, 2020
Trafficked at 18 Into the LA Porn Industry

At the height of my vulnerability, as a mentally ill eighteen-year-old, I was trafficked into the porn industry in Los Angeles. Over one hundred pornographic videos of me were made in a year, over forty of which are still featured on Pornhub. The videos were made over 10 years ago at one of the lowest and most vulnerable times in my life. It is disturbing to know that people are...

June 29th, 2020
The One Video Pornhub Doesn’t Want You to See

How much damage can a two-minute video really do? Just ask a survivor of child rape. Or sex trafficking. Or revenge porn. Or any other form of non-consensual video content that has been monetized and made downloadable on Pornhub to its 115 million visitors per day. For most victims of the crime scenes featured on Pornhub, they've been scarred with lifelong trauma. The kind that takes years and years of...

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