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Remove the Roadblocks

In early November our friend in Cambodia emailed us a very discouraging update. He had been undercover investigating a child prostitution ring in Cambodia for a month and a half. During this time he, along with other investigators, compiled a mountain of evidence to submit to the authorities with the hope and expectation of quick and decisive action to raid these brothels. To their shock and dismay the authorities shut the whole thing down, turning a blind eye to the entire situation. My friend was struck with discouragement. His heart was aching for the precious girls he was attempting to rescue. In his email I could feel his pain and I knew he was in a difficult place emotionally. When I shared this update with our worship team and other intercessors, a common feeling arose in each one of us that we must cry out to God to remove the roadblocks. For the entire two hours of our Monday night intercession set we did just that. Less than a week later, Hok Lundy, the head of Police in Cambodia, who is notorious for being one of the biggest sex-traffickers in the nation and responsible for widespread police corruption, was struck dead when his helicopter was hit by lightning. The following is an excerpt from an email our friend sent shortly after:

“I think you may have prayed someone to death. The highest-ranking police officer in Cambodia was killed this week when his helicopter crashed. He was considered to be one of the biggest sex and drug traffickers in Cambodia. Oddly enough, when his death hit the papers, everyone was rejoicing and all the Christians were saying, ‘God killed him!’ Preliminary reports said that his helicopter was struck by lightning. I don’t know if you find this encouraging, discouraging, or neutral but it is a great stride in our battle to rescue these girls. Keep up the prayer!”